Economical Feedingof Colorants, Additives

Conair Feeders provide injection molders and extruders with a versatile, economical way to volumetrically meter colorants or other additives into the flow of virgin material directly at the throat of the processing machine.

By metering additives directly at the throat, greater savings in material inventory and colorant can be achieved over traditional pre-colored or centrally blended material schemes.

Models for low/high throughput

Model BFS and BFH feeders feature a compact size for metering additives to machines down to 0.01 gram per second or up to 160 lb. per hour. Model BFH provides high throughput metering up to 100 grams per second or 800 lb. per hour.

Injection or extrusion control

The precision injection control provides on-demand metering, based on a signal from the press. The extrusion control is designed to operate continuously with the extruder.

Easy, no-tools cleanout

BFH models have removable supply hoppers and augers to allow fast clean-out for color changes. The standard BFS model has a stationary hopper, a removable supply hopper option is available.

Conair BF6 hopper removal
BFH Model

The standard BFH model includes a combination hopper/auger assembly that may be quickly removed from the feeder’s mainframe/motor assembly. No tools are required.

Conair quick release
BFS Model

The compact BFS model is available with an optional quick release hopper with a built-in electrical interlock and slide gate that allows quick removal cleaning and replacement for color changes. No tools are required.

Conair timed cycle feeder control
Precision Feeder Control

The Precision Feeder Control for injection molding provides on-demand metering, based on a signal from the press (for example, the screw retraction start.) The signal may be a contact closure or a voltage (Choose from these available voltages: 120 VAC; 240 VAC; or 24 VDC). Push button thumbwheels set the metering cycle time and motor speed. An accurate digital timer controls the metering duration indicated by the setting. The feeder speed setting is a percentage of maximum motor speed.

Conair extruder tracking feeder control
Extrusion Control

The Extrusion Control for the feeder is designed to operate continuously with the extruder, to meter a precise flow of additives at the desired rate. Push button thumbwheels set the speed of the metering auger. The speed of the feeder may be slaved to the extruder with a DC voltage follower circuit, driven by the extruder tach generator or armature voltage (0 to 600 VDC or 4-20 milliamps). (Shown is control with optional voltmeter.)

Conair BFS with DustBeater
The BFS Feeder with a Conair self-contained vacuum loader

The loader automatically fills the additive hopper with color concentrate or other pelletized additives.

Conair BFH with DustBeater
The BFH Feeder with a DustBeater mounted on a high volume loader extension

At 500 pounds per hour, the standard Conair DustBeater assures a reliable material supply for extrusion or continuous molding. Choose the brushless DustBeater for loading rates up to 1000 pounds per hour.

Conair alarm kit
Low level alarm kit

The low level alarm kit may be factory ordered, or may be installed later on any feeder control package.

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