Light Weight Maintenance-FreeFiberglass Construction

An ideal and cost-efficient alternative to metal cooling towers, the fiberglass Conair E2F Series Cooling Tower is available for applications ranging from 100 to 240 tons. The E2F Series is designed for outdoor use in industrial manufacturing locations.

All water connections, the water distribution system, and the cellular fill are made to resist rot, decay, and biological attack.

No on-site construction or fabrication is necessary because the entire tower is delivered in one piece. The fan and motor are shipped separately to prevent shipping damage.

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Fiberglass tower casing, basin, and air inlet louvers have a smooth exterior gel coat with UV inhibitors. E2F Series towers are built using completely non-ferrous materials. Large, non-clogging ABS nozzles are used to uniformly distribute water across all fill surfaces. Adjustable pitch, high efficiency, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene fan blades with a cast aluminum alloy fan hub and a heavy duty TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over Motor) fan motor with permanently lubricated motor bearings promise longevity and performance.

Further improve the performance

Pre-engineered options designed exclusively for this series further improve the performance of the tower for specific applications. The outlet strainer can be upgraded to stainless steel. Inlet and outlet flanges can be added for quick connections. A structural steel base and legs can be purchased for quick installation. An optional thermostat saves energy and provides a constant, stable water temperature. A water make-up float valve assembly maintains consistent water level for maximum performance. A basin heater package is ideal for colder locations. An equalization connection for connecting several tower basins equalizes basin water levels by letting cooled water flow between basins.


A Conair cooling tower installation assures peace-of-mind. We warrant the fiberglass shell and basin against material defects and workmanship for ten years. The remainder of the tower has one year parts warranty.

  • Durable fiberglass shell resists corrosion and harsh weather conditions.
  • Access door to the tower interior with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Louvers made of durable PVC that are designed to eliminate possible back splash and are removable to allow full access to basin.
  • Leak-proof, one piece basin that can be mounted on two I-beams or optional structural steel base.
  • 全封闭风扇motor with bearings that are permanently lubricated and require no maintenance.
  • PVC供水系统包括大型非堵塞喷嘴,这些喷嘴有效且均匀地在所有填充表面上分配水。
  • PVC fill media maximizing air/water contact which optimizes heat transfer.

  • Stainless steel outlet strainer can be used to provide system filtration when the basin of the tower is used as a reservoir.
  • A pre-assembled, painted structural steel base makes tower installation quick and easy. The base is designed to be mounted on four support points and available with legs up to 20 feet {6 meters} long and appropriate cross bracing.
  • NEMA 3R thermostat saves energy and provides stable supply water temperature by shutting off power to the fan motor when the water in the basin drops below a set temperature.
  • Flanges can be supplied on both inlet and outlet connections for quick mating with plant piping.
  • Basin heater package prevents the water in the basin from freezing in applications where the basin is used as a reservoir.
  • Equalization connection creates a system reservoir by connecting several tower basins. Piping equalizes basin water levels by letting cooled water flow between the basins.
  • 水的浮雕阀组件可用于塔盆地充当整体储层的应用中。浮子阀组件监视盆地中的水位,并在必要时增加水以保持一致的水平,以确保最大的系统性能。
  • A high temperature option allows for the tower to be operated at inlet water temperatures up to 150°F {66°C}.

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