See-Through Hopperwith Removable Cone

Material changes are fast, clean and simple with this removable polycarbonate hopper on your processing machine. No tools are needed to quickly hinge the hopper lid out of the way and pull the miniature, see-through hopper cone from the compact frame. A dribble-proof slide gate automatically engages as the hopper is removed, allowing remaining material to be returned to the gaylord, bag or barrel. The Miniature Handy Hopper is also an ideal supply hopper above additive feeder throats.

Fast, clean material changes

The Miniature Hopper cone and leftover material may be easily removed from the machine with no tools.

See material flow

The clear polycarbonate hopper allows you to confirm material flow, avoiding costly interruptions and downtime. A sensor may be provided to determine or confirm material level.

Hinged loader mount

The rugged lid accommodates an automatic loader which may be hinged and safety-locked out of the way. The lid is pre-drilled and tapped to accept Conair Loader models AR2, AL2, TLM, DL8, and DB8.

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