Mobile Storage;Easy Access

Conair offers a complete line of in-plant mobile surge bins for convenient storage of a variety of materials. Stackable Conair Mobile Surge Bins accommodate your storage needs with a range of bin capacities from 10 ft3to 50 ft3.* For critical applications requiring a contamination free environment, bins can be constructed in stainless steel with or without lids.

Wide range of capacities

Usable capacities are available from 350 pounds {159 kg} with the MB44-10 model, to up to 1750 pounds {794 kg} with the MB44-50 model.

Stackable for space conservation

Mobile Surge Bins can be stacked up to three bins high to save valuable floor space. This, in conjunction with the small footprint makes these Conair bins an excellent way to maximize your plant square footage.

Bottom drain for easy material removal

The bottom drain works with the 60° cone to allow for easy material flow out of the bin.

  • Painted carbon steel construction
  • Epoxy coated interior
  • 4英寸广场discharge with stainless steel slide gate
  • Two-way fork-lift channels for easy stacking
  • 60° cone for free and non-free flowing material

  • Four-way vacuum ports
  • Casters
  • 12-inch discharge opening with flange
  • 1 piece, 2 piece sliding cover
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special paing
  • Bag opening grate and blade

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