Portable ConveyingControl and Vacuum Pump

The PowerFill is a pump, control, and filter wrapped into one compact, mobile package. The PowerFill system can manage and support up to eight (8) vacuum receivers from its simple-to-understand 7-inch touchscreen control.

Using a peripheral pump that requires no oil or belts, plus an easy-to-clean cartridge filter for dust collection, the PowerFill is a versatile, ready-to-use vacuum source for your conveying needs.

Simply wheel the PowerFill into position and connect the unit to a three-phase power source. Vacuum connections are made with flex hose. Snap together cable sets provide quick, no-tools connections from the control to up to eight vacuum receivers.

Pump, dust collector and control

Because the PowerFill comes with all three, it’s a versatile, ready-to-use vacuum source and conveying control.

Compact, portable design with casters

The small footprint preserves valuable floor space and makes the PowerFill easy to move to any conveying station.

Minimal maintenance

When compared to self-contained loaders with motor brushes and central vacuum pumps, this direct-drive three-phase pump is easy to maintain. The pump doesn’t need oiling, and there are no belts to maintain. The single, high-capacity dust collection filter requires no tools for fast removal and cleaning. Optional Cyclone Dust Collector or DC1 Dust Collector can be added.

  • Three-phase peripheral vacuum pump with gauge
  • Multiple optional cable lengths available: 10 foot {3.04 m}, 20 foot {6.09 m}, 50 foot {15.24 m}, 100 foot {30.48 m}, 150 foot {45.72 m}
    * Cables are end to end compatible and can be extended. 20 + 50 feet {6.09 + 15.24 m} = 70 foot {21.33 m} total length.
  • 41ft2 cartridge filter
  • Dust collection chamber with no-tools access for easy cleaning
  • Tilt-back casters and handles
  • Fully featured with I/O for any Conair receiver

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