Weather-TightBulk Storage with No Maintenance

Structurally tough. Contamination-free. Conair’s aluminum silos are designed to match the rigidity of a steel structure. Unlike a steel structure, this silo requires no external painting or internal epoxy coating. In fact, no routine maintenance is needed inside or out.

Aluminum silos keep your expensive material in pristine condition, free from contamination due to rust or flaking. The silos are guaranteed to be water-tight.

Superior quality construction

High quality, non-ferrous aluminum silos are a practical solution for contamination- free storing of expensive pelletized or powdered plastic materials.

Three cone configurations

Cone configuration is determined by material type. Silos formed for pellet storage usually have a 45° cone bottom. For powder and hard-to-flow materials the silo includes a 60° cone. A 45°/70° compound cone is used for PET materials.

Customized to fit your needs

Options include a safety cage and rest platform for silos over 30 feet, a ladder and a slide gate shut-off which is pre-drilled to accept an optional Conair distribution box.

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