Get ControlOf Your Process

Rising material costs, increased competition and demands from your customers make it absolutely essential for you to track your material usage. When you choose a Conair TrueBlend Gravimetric Blender you are already well on your way to making efficient use of every pellet of material you process. Pair your blender purchase with Conair’s TrueBlend Reporting and Recording Software for easy and precise tracking and documentation of your material usage.

Many different types of reports can be generated with the software including: Material data (shift); Batch data; Alarm messages; Scale data; Recipe parameters and Diagnostic data.

Price inventory control

Use the Reporting Software to track your material usage to help with your “just in time” material order process, to control costs, and to estimate the cost of future jobs. These important measurements can help you to improve your bottom line.

Product specification and quality

TrueBlend Reports make it easy for ISO certified companies to prove that they are meeting quality, safety and recycling requirements.

Identify your costs

The data will help you identify your production costs for quoting jobs. Helps you to track your material costs – no more guessing where your material has gone.

Material Data Report (Shift Report)

Shows material usage within a date and time period you specify. See F

Batch Report

Shows current recipe, date, time, batch number, percentage of weight for each ingredient (target and actual).

Alarm Report

Gives you a report of the alarm as it occurs and a summary of up to 100 events.


A report of the last calibration information

*Removable additive bins

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