Energy EfficientCentral Chilling

Provide chilled fluid for industrial applications from a central location with the Conair Water-Cooled W-SK SeriesCentral Chillers.

The simple design of the screw compressor provides both full load and part load efficiencies unmatched in the industry, and results in lower energy costs when compared to reciprocating compressors.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient

All models use environmentally-friendly HCFC-free R-134a refrigerant and have ASHRAE 90.1 compliant energy efficiency ratings for improved energy-savings.

Rugged compressor design

The screw compressor has only four moving parts eliminating the need for pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins and valves. Fewer moving parts means less internal friction and greater efficiency.

Trouble-free operation

Smart safety features and over 40 diagnostic displays for easy and virtually trouble-free operation that includes one year warranty on parts and labor.

Easy access controls

Control has automatic compressor and condenser fan sequencing, load limiting, and anti-recycle functions.

Operator interface

Monitors temperature and rate of change over time, effectively controlling compressor loading.

Dual refrigerant circuits

Chillers have dual refrigerant circuits. Compressors are designed to handle liquid slugging.

Water regulating valves

对冷凝器水低于85°F {29.4°C}.

  • Different LWT Ranges – Standard leaving water temperature ranges from 40° to 65°F {4.4° to 18.3°C} and optional temperature ranges from 0° to 39°F {-17.8° to 3.9°C}.
  • Remote Setpoint – Input for integration into the control system. Choose 0-5 V DC or 0-10 V DC.
  • Disconnect – External handle allows local power shutoff to control center.
  • Compressor Warranty – Choose an additional two- to five-year compressor component replacement warranty.
  • Wye-delta starter – Reduces energy surges during chiller start-up.
  • Remote condenser – Air-cooled remote condenser option to replace water cooled condenser on chiller. Refrigerant piping on site is required.

Water-Cooled Models W-86SK to W-268SK Product Resources